Susquehanna Flight Park

To soar like an eagle is an incredible feeling!

Hang Gliding starts at 5 feet!

Mountain Flight

It was some years ago a young boy had a dream of being able to fly.

    Dan Started hang gliding and during the past 40 years he and now retired partner Bob Clark built their own flight park.  The flight park was specifically designed to teach foot launch hang gliding.

    Dan, now a master pilot and certified USHPA  instructor, has taught many students this wonderful sport of flying.  “With the success of his teachings, his school has grown into a full operational organization, with a classroom, 5 training hills, and a mountain launch.

    We offer the best training hill experience in the Northeast. We are able to provide a student all of the necessary means of going from beginner to advanced pilot ratings. Students proceed through the courses according to their own ability and performance. Hang gliding starts at only 5 feet!   LESSONS ARE FUN!

    The flight park is 40 acres located 2 miles from beautiful Cooperstown NY and can accommodate many wind directions.  Simply put we have the best facilitys in New York to teach you how to hang glide. We offer trails for hiking, mountian biking, picnicing, camping, and a bunk house with hot showers. All at no charge! Don’t forget your kayak as we have some nice paddling in the area as well.